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Merediths Recycle Plan

You may notice your boxes are used or not in the best condition, this is because we choose to use recycled boxes where we can. Not only is this more cost effective, helping us keep our prices as competitive as we can.

This also helps the environment, which has to be a good thing, not using new cardboard to produce our boxes means less trees are cut down to make new cardboard, also the transport is less, less Co2.

The larger boxes we use are kindly donated from a fabric mill who use to skip them all, The boxes come from overseas ( china ) with cotton in them on rolls. You may see the fabric label at the end of the box.

The smaller ones we use some are donated from a local firm, again the boxes came from China.

We do have some boxes which we have made for us, but we are pleased to say they are all made from recycled cardboard.

We are currently working with suppliers to find an alternative to reducing the plastic used in this industry.

Where you can please re-use the plastic pots or bags, also use the boxes again or recycle them where you can.

Every little bit counts.


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