Laurel Hedging

Laurel Hedging For Sale
Laurel Hedging Plants, otherwise known as Laurocerasus or Cherry Laurel, is by far the most commonly planted evergreen hedging there is, and the perfect choice for many gardens. It is easy to grow and maintain, it grows quickly and has a range of uses. Laurel hedges are in fact the fastest growing evergreen hedging plant that is not a conifer. Laurel Hedge can be used to create privacy in gardens, to reduce noise and wind, and to simply make gardens more aesthetically pleasing. A Laurel Hedge looks fantastic all year-round but it is in spring when it really comes to life, boasting distinctive little white flowers that are adored by all.

Here at Meredith Nurseries we have lots of high quality Laurels for sale at all times, all of the highest quality and available to our customers at the most competitive prices. From Cherry Laurel to Evergreen Laurel, and everything in-between, we aim to cater for absolutely all Laurel needs. Anyone interested in purchasing Laurel hedging should browse our collection below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today who are always happy to help.