6 Polygala Shrubs Flowers P9 Pots


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 Attractive all year round
Low maintenance easy to look after
Great in boarders or as a focal point in a Tub or planter
Great cover
Low Price Plants they will make a garden look expensive!


If you’re looking for a small, compact, fast-growing, colourful and hardy shrub, polygala ticks all the boxes.
For most of the year, you’ll find polygala awash with eye-catching pink or purple petals, making it perfectly suited to mass planting with a splash of colour. It also makes a brilliant border plant and with its compact growing habit, looks fab in a pot too. Varieties like ‘Little Polly’ naturally form a small, neat, round shape that’s ideal for hedging. Other varieties, like grandiflora, grow larger and more freely.
You can tell a polygala by the unique and charming little feathery tuft that sits within its pea-flower-like petals.
As a great cut flower, you can enjoy polygala in your home too.
Growth cover is about 18″ by 3 in height


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